Meet their experience



Yvonne Weber
MBA Programme

“The MBA Programme is an excellent rotational program which, in just a few months, has already provided me with a very comprehensive view of the business.
Altadis shows its human touch and care for employees from the very first contact with the company, and the professional training is accompanied by great dedication and continuous personalized assessment, with the objective of helping candidates reach their full potential.“

Judit Bassa
Graduate Programme

“During my first year in the programme I have been part of the marketing and trade marketing dept. Here I have learned from the market, the company and above all from the teams I have worked with.
In Imperial I have found a programme that adapts to you and helps you to grow, to develop your capabilities and to gain a 360º knowledge of the business.”


Eduardo Leal
MBA Programme

“During my time in the programme I have got to know the Commercial Dept., core and reality of the business, and the Corporate Affairs Dept., in charge of what accounts for 80% of the RSP: taxes.
Currently , performing the role of Consumer and Market Research Manager in the team Insights & Intelligence.
The MBA Programme is a unique opportunity to build a global view of the company and the industry, to learn, to work in teams, to overcome challenges and to grow professionally.”

Guillermo Manzano
MBA Programme

Marketing & Intelligence Director – Imperial Tobacco France

During his rotational period, Guillermo successfully took part in different projects on the Sales Dept. and Trade Marketing. Later on he demonstrated his capacity in the Insights & Intelligence Dept., leading one of the most profitable projects of the company. This experience confirmed the direction he finally gave to his career: return to I&I, this time in France, to be the Head of the dept. that accounts the most to the strategy decision making of the company.

Julio Pascual
MBA Programme

Market Manager of Portugal and Andorra

Julio started his rotational period in Sales, the core of our business. He then moved to the Headquarters in Bristol, where he coordinated a key project in the Global Corporate Affairs dept.
He then joined the Marketing Dept in Madrid and drove the launch of one of our main brands.
Once the rotational period concluded, he became part of the control management group where he consolidated as a valuable asset of the company.

Miguel Ors
Graduate Programme

Market analyst, Insights & Intelligence

Here I enjoy a dynamic and inspiring environment, being part of different projects both at a national and international level. But what I value the most is the excellent working environment, the dedication we get and the real career opportunities we are offered.
Starting my career in the Insights & Intelligence and Trade Marketing depts. Helped me to build a broad vision of the business and the company.
After my rotational period, I now enjoy a position that perfectly fits my profile and interests.